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8 Nov 2016

123 HP Envy Printer Driver Setup:

At the Present time almost all printer setup needs a printer driver to install it to your computer. On installing the printer setup you can perform all functions. Initially, you need to install the Printer driver setup to perform all printer function. In the same fashion installing it is so easy to take access of printer.

The Printer setup for all printer driver models is now available at 123.hp.com/setup. It is very essential that you have a printer driver setup. With this in mind the service provider has also provided the setup along with the Printer.

Steps to work with Printer Driver:  

  • 123 HP Printer setup along with printer driver is the main component.
  • You need to install the Printer setup along with driver.
  • To install 123 HP Printer driver setup,
  • Insert the driver disc to your computer.
  • Run the Printer setup on your computer.
  • Install the Setup file on your PC.
  • You can also Download the Printer driver software,
  • Using 123.hp.com/setup.
  • This Help you to take quick access of your printer setup.

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How Does 123 HP Printer Driver Works?

At this instant, you need to install the printer setup to your computer. That is installing the Printer driver setup for your 123 HP Printer. You must also know how to work with your printer. This is very much important. And so, you can make use of printer setup guide.

On selecting the 123 HP Printer setup guide on your Printer control panel, you can now make use of your Printer driver setup guide. You can use guide to know more about your printer. The Printer setup performs actions that could never be imagined. 

How to scan From 123 HP Printer Driver?

Installation of your 123 HP Driver not only helps you in accessing your printer. You can also perform functions like Print, scan and copy. To copy and scan any document from your computer. Install your 123 HP Driver.

Steps to scan from computer using Driver:

Coupled with 123 HP Printer setup installation you can also perform other function. Installation and performance of a driver is more important.

The important feature among the Printer driver is the scan option.

  • To scan your document from your driver.
  • Place the document on the scanner glass.
  • Select the scan option on the printer driver.
  • Hence, the Printer starts to scan your document.